After the pain of your last budget cycle (or as you experience the pain of the cycle you’re currently in), you may be considering new software to help things go more smoothly the next time around. But while you’re thinking about a software upgrade you should also consider how to improve the planning process to make it more effective and relevant, not just faster and easier. As a Finance manager once told me,  Read more ▸
Fashion moves fast, and fashion retailers need to be nimble to keep up with trends and manage profit targets. While the designers and merchandisers are focused on delivering what customers want to wear, how do you watch and grow the bottom line? Our client knew they had opportunity to improve overall margins but decision-makers lacked access to complete information to drive timely decisions. Senior management’s objectives were to produce more of the styles  Read more ▸
When Essbase came on the market back in the early 1990s (originally developed by Arbor Software), few of us expected the application to remain so popular for this long. Over a short period of time the majority of the Fortune 1000 adopted it. Well over 20 years later (and since becoming Hyperion Essbase and eventually Oracle Essbase) what keeps it so popular, and so useful? The second half of the 1980’s saw the  Read more ▸
At their recent Global BI Summit, market research firm Gartner presented their vision of “Analytics and the Office of Finance” and introduced the concept of Strategic Performance Reporting. As the next level of analytics and reporting, Strategic Performance Reporting replaces the traditional monthly snapshot P&L and Balance Sheet package with a collaborative environment where Finance works together with functional business groups to understand and present the story behind the results. It contains  Read more ▸
Each year, your company determines goals for the following year and beyond. An updated long-range plan and next year’s budget define your performance targets, which are then summarized into specific metrics intended to focus management, drive decisions and compare results. High level metrics, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are defined by senior management as statistics related to growth in revenue or margin, market share or new markets served, client satisfaction, profitability by region  Read more ▸
Remember when Apple’s iPhone stormed onto the market? As a smartphone it was a break-through technology and a very complex instrument. Yet its user interface made it very easy to learn and use, and its value quickly made it a product most people can’t live without. Proof of the iPhone’s success could be seen in the product’s phenomenal adoption rate and sales curve.Modern BI and EPM technology is also very powerful and  Read more ▸
Are you part of an organization that is large and complex enough that delivering reliable and actionable information requires various processes to access, validate and transform data before it is usable?  If you answered “yes”, then an organized effort for Data Governance and Master Data Management are important for you to ensure data integrity, quality and accessibility. In a recent Analysis Team blog post How Good Master Data is Fundamental for Great Analytics  Read more ▸
In Part 1, we posed the question: With all the clear benefits of cloud-based (SaaS) solutions, how rapidly are larger companies jumping into the cloud, for example replacing Oracle’s Hyperion Planning with Planning & Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS)? We noted that larger companies have so far been slow to leave behind entrenched on-premise enterprise BI and EPM solutions for their modern equivalents in the cloud, and we listed a few reasons based  Read more ▸