The cloud has taken off in popularity and today a wide range of cloud solutions for analysis, planning and reporting are quickly gaining traction. Cloud (or Software-as-a-Service) solutions offer the promise of significant cost savings as well as easier deployment and management. They eliminate up-front investment in software and hardware, the ongoing effort to upgrade and patch software, and the cost of running a data center.   In addition they’re “pay as you  Read more ▸
The best data and analytics mean nothing unless action is taken on the information. One of our projects in the retail sector provides a vivid illustration of how the right information at the right time, used to drive the right actions, can be highly profitable.Our client was a retailer with 20 locations, all large stores each stocking about a quarter million SKUs. Management wanted to understand how they could increase their customer  Read more ▸
    Our previous article in this series discussed how creating a Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Strategy gets your BI and EPM activities aligned with corporate goals and business opportunities. Going the next step – developing and implementig a Project and Technology Roadmap – gives the Strategy legs and assures your BI and EPM solutions will come on-line at the right time to help you maximize results. If a Strategy  Read more ▸
Have you ever been to a meeting about recent sales or financial results, where everyone came armed with their own reports but couldn’t agree on the facts? Did the conversation become a debate over the accuracy and meaning of information, rather than a discussion focused on business drivers and strategies to move forward? We’ve experienced these debates, or listened to our clients complain about them: “Our total sales by product category don’t agree.  Read more ▸
We all know regular medical check-ups are important for making sure our bodies are healthy and functioning properly.   Through an examination and a few tests our doctor can detect risks and early signs of trouble, and recommend lifestyle changes like diet and exercise to help us avoid serious problems down the road. If something isn’t right and needs correction, our doctor might prescribe medication or a minor procedure to get us back  Read more ▸
Summer is coming and so is ODTUG’s Kscope16! From the humidity of Florida last year to the Windy City of Chicago, the Kscope conference (June 26-30, 2016) will draw close to two thousand solution implementation professionals and Oracle customers. Many attendees are regulars who have come to expect premium level speakers, technical product insights and valuable networking opportunities that this caliber of conference merges together. At Analysis Team, we look for ways  Read more ▸
My early career experience was in financial management in tech companies. After starting out in Accounting, I moved on to Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) where I supported other internal organizations by analyzing spending variances, preparing and booking monthly accruals, developing forecasts and budgets, and chasing capital requisitions through the approval process.In my very first Financial Analyst role, I recall being invited to a staff meeting of the Facilities and Security department  Read more ▸
Are you looking for a way to quickly bring powerful analytics straight to users’ fingertips and better insights to decision-makers’ eyes? Are you concerned about having to install and maintain a complicated Business Intelligence system, and invest 6 figures or more before you’re up and running? Thanks to the Cloud, there’s a down-to-earth solution that could be your  Read more ▸