Are your markets always stable and do your products face no real competition? Are your customers locked in for life? Are your productivity and efficiency unlimited? Do you always have easy access to timely, accurate and consistent performance data? Will your current analytics and reporting continue to support your business far into the future? If you can answer “yes” to all these questions, then congratulations on building the perfect business! For the  Read more ▸
Ahh, Las Vegas … the one place where you choose from hundreds of live shows and gamble until the sun comes up. The gambling is what draws many to Sin City, but you can as easily lose with a full house as win with a pair. I’m glad to tell you that you don’t need to bet the farm to walk away a winner. I’m putting my money on the COLLABORATE 16  Read more ▸
We were recently brainstorming what makes an analytic, reporting or planning solution effective. Reflecting on the implementation work we’ve done over the years, we quickly came up with five attributes that make a solution effective, not just immediately upon go-live but also for the long term:   Supports an effective business process. A critical first step in an implementation project is to understand the business challenges and what information is needed to address  Read more ▸
Rapidly changing business challenges today require better insights and faster action. How can you harness the power of inforation to build and maintain an advantage? What role can Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management play to help business leaders drive results? I like to describe Business Intelligence (BI) as the art and science of accessing data and transforming it into useful information. This begins with identifying the right data, enhancing it through analytics,  Read more ▸
My early career experience was in financial management in tech companies. After starting out in Accounting, I moved on to Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) where I supported other internal organizations by analyzing spending variances, preparing and booking monthly accruals, developing forecasts and budgets, and chasing capital requisitions through the approval process. In my very first Financial Analyst role, I recall being invited to a staff meeting of the Facilities and Security department  Read more ▸
The question originally started as “What kind of firm are we?” I was on the Mediterranean coast in Spain in December 2014, visiting with a long-time friend who runs a management consulting practice based in Barcelona. Rather than being in holiday mode, I was pondering Analysis Team’s strategy for the upcoming year. My friend, who’s an aficionado of strategy and management techniques, shared with me an article that appeared many years ago  Read more ▸