Blockchain has become a hot topic in investment circles. Recent articles I’ve seen include “Burger company launches blockchain rewards program, stock soars” (CNN Tech) and “Tea maker to become blockchain company. Stock soars” (CNN Money). Remember the late 1990s, when just putting “.com” at the end of a company name meant a windfall of IPO riches? If you missed that opportunity, maybe you now have another chance. Is this blockchain thing a just  Read more ▸
The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) recently published its 2017 FP&A Survey “How Relevant is Your Budget?” The AFP surveyed just over 600 financial professionals in organizations spanning a wide range of industries and sizes, both publicly owned and privately held. The results provide insights into the usage of budgets and budgeting styles, how useful senior managers (by role) perceive the budget, and the relevance of budgets for monitoring performance and managing the  Read more ▸
Project case studies can be informative for anyone considering a similar project or technology. Many cases are written and posted by software and services vendors, but a live presentation gives the audience a chance to hear the client’s point of view first hand, and be able to ask questions to gain better insights into project efforts and results. From time to time we propose topics to present at the more popular conferences in  Read more ▸
Each year, Fortune ranks and recognizes the 100 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. The ranking, which includes companies in all industries, is based on revenue growth rate, EPS growth rate, and three-year annualized total return for the period ended June 30, 2017. We are pleased to see that two of our bank clients made Fortune’s 2017 list: Banc of California (#15) and Pacific Premier Bancorp (#21). The banking sector overall has experienced robust  Read more ▸
As Oracle Essbase has grown in popularity over the years, customers have pushed the envelope on dimensionality and quantity of data. With cubes containing more data and expected to crunch increasingly complex calculations, the update process (outline refreshes, data loads and calculations) can sometimes get bogged down. Optimizing Essbase might seem like sorcery if you’re unfamiliar with the inner workings of the software, but it’s not so mysterious if you understand the basics  Read more ▸
If your company has a December or January fiscal year-end, you are probably just now completing your 2018 budget or you’re about to enter the final stretch of the process. It certainly doesn’t help make the yuletide merry when you’re working long days to revise and roll up yet another plan iteration, or scheduling yet another review meeting into a packed calendar. But then, maybe there’s a holiday party or two you’re  Read more ▸
In a recent article I discussed some Essbase design ideas to get your updates to run faster. I covered a few fundamental Outline design and calculation approaches, and touched on the other data storage options you have in addition to the legacy Block storage – namely, Aggregate Storage (ASO) and Hybrid. Here I list some more ideas that could help speed up the data loading and calculation time of your Block storage cubes.  Read more ▸
Are you in a funk about slow Oracle Essbase updates? Did the prototype run at lightning speed but when the full data set was loaded to your production app, loading and calculation times started to take longer than expected? Did your Essbase app get great performance at first, then a year later your 10 minute update blossomed to more like 2 hours and 10 minutes? Advances in computer hardware, such as multi-core processors,  Read more ▸