If your company has a December or January fiscal year-end, you are probably just now completing your 2018 budget or you’re about to enter the final stretch of the process. It certainly doesn’t help make the yuletide merry when you’re working long days to revise and roll up yet another plan iteration, or scheduling yet another review meeting into a packed calendar. But then, maybe there’s a holiday party or two you’re  Read more ▸
In a recent article I discussed some Essbase design ideas to get your updates to run faster. I covered a few fundamental Outline design and calculation approaches, and touched on the other data storage options you have in addition to the legacy Block storage – namely, Aggregate Storage (ASO) and Hybrid. Here I list some more ideas that could help speed up the data loading and calculation time of your Block storage cubes.  Read more ▸
Are you in a funk about slow Oracle Essbase updates? Did the prototype run at lightning speed but when the full data set was loaded to your production app, loading and calculation times started to take longer than expected? Did your Essbase app get great performance at first, then a year later your 10 minute update blossomed to more like 2 hours and 10 minutes? Advances in computer hardware, such as multi-core processors,  Read more ▸
You and your colleagues in FP&A (or whichever functional department you’re in), along with IT and maybe outside implementation consultants, have spent a quantity of blood, sweat and budget to get your spanking new Business Intelligence or Enterprise Performance Management solution up and running. The model has been built, source data integrated, dashboards and reports created. Congratulations! Now, you might now be wondering, who’s going to support this? The implementation effort taught you  Read more ▸
Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) is the cloud-based successor to Hyperion Planning, the industry-leading budgeting and forecasting software application. PBCS was one of the first Hyperion EPM solutions Oracle brought into the cloud in early 2014, and since then Oracle has quickly launched cloud versions of other applications in the Hyperion suite. In its earliest iterations, PBCS didn’t offer all the functionality of Hyperion Planning and it wasn’t much easier to  Read more ▸
Predictive Analytics is an emerging field of technology and already being applied in business.   Advanced algorithms are being combined with increasing computer power to find trends and relationships in data in order to automatically predict what’s likely to happen in the future. Even CFOs and their FP&A teams are becoming fascinated with the possibilities of applying Predictive Analytics to make the naturally uncertain tasks of forecasting and planning more certain, as well  Read more ▸
In an earlier article, I explained how resistance to change can doom a Business Intelligence (BI) or Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution implementation. Fear of change can come out of any corner to reduce the efficiency of the project effort or severely limit adoption of the solution, diminishing your return on investment. How can you improve the chances your team will engage in the effort and embrace a new way of doing things?  Read more ▸
Multiple challenges make project planning, management and reporting difficult. Many of these challenges arise from the multi-disciplinary nature of projects – different departments need to share expense and capital budgets, and people from different functions need to be assigned in a timely way. Can project headcount and costs be planned, and actual results measured, in a way that drives efficiency and accountability?  We helped the IT Project Management Office (PMO) of our client, a top-50  Read more ▸