At last week’s ODTUG Kscope17 conference in San Antonio I focused on learning more about the new cloud version of Oracle Essbase, and even got a little hands-on time with it.  Oracle launched the much-anticipated Essbase Cloud Service just a few months ago in March 2017, marking a turning point in the 25-year history of this industry-leading analytic application. You can’t buy Essbase Cloud Service alone – it’s sold as Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)  Read more ▸
Was your organization’s last Business Intelligence (BI) or Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution implementation received with enthusiastic acceptance or with a wall of resistance? BI and EPM are meant to be transformative, and that also means disruptive in some way. People will need to leave something behind and make an effort to learn a new software or get used to a new way of doing their work. To the extent a new solution  Read more ▸
Our client, a global entertainment company, has business units spanning film and TV production to computer games and amusement parks. One of our projects there was implementation of a planning solution for their computer game business. A particular goal was to improve the analysis and forecasting of spending on development of each new game through the end of its production phase. Challenges Our client was dealing with challenges typical of a spreadsheet-based process. Finance  Read more ▸
In the quest to grow the top line (and hopefully, by extension, the bottom line), companies spend significant effort and money to acquire new customers, and then to convince those customers to buy more. But is the marketing and sales budget spent on this quest mostly wasted, or actually delivering value in the long term? From the distant past I remember my days in FP&A at a certain tech company, when the only  Read more ▸
Canada is a beautiful place with nice people. They certainly didn’t deserve the fate I unwittingly bestowed late one budget cycle. Many years ago I was a financial analyst in a San Jose CA based computer systems company, supporting the worldwide Sales & Marketing organization. In addition to our headquarters staff, we had sales and service offices around the world to develop and support the company’s regional and local markets. Our budgeting “system” was  Read more ▸
A major telecommunications company wanted a planning tool that could support their multiple enterprise planning processes including Annual Budget, Long Range Planning, Monthly Forecasting, and What-If analysis. They also wanted a system that allowed the business to adapt to new market conditions more rapidly, provided better business intelligence through enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities, and even enabled rolling forecasting. And it had to be fast. Performance was a necessity for this planning group who  Read more ▸
A few years ago I was invited by a senior IT manager of a well-known global company to check up on the status of an ongoing Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) implementation project, and give an informal assessment of how I thought things were going. The project had been underway for at least 3 months and while there was a lot of activity by the implementation consultants working on site, results were not  Read more ▸
Does this sound familiar? Your company generates a lot of data, but you still lack accessible and usable information. Often, you get a request for a report or need to do some investigative analysis but each time you have to spend significant effort to find and extract data, then create yet another spreadsheet from scratch. Later, you discover that another department routinely uses similar data and you wonder how much duplicated effort  Read more ▸